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**Current build only works if a gamepad/controller is plugged in and detected. Fix coming post voting period**
The average American will eat around 10.5 cows in their lifetime.  The production of cows and other animals for meat is the largest contributor to habitat and biodiversity loss worldwide. Habitat loss is one of the major drivers of species extinction.

You are a heroic and endangered Pangolin, liberating humans from their bovine oppressors by wielding your mighty Cow-Suck-O-Matic to suck them up and shrink them (and send them to a miniature farm where they won't be eaten or burp or anything.)*

*No cows were harmed in the making of this game. Many were maligned. Some were scorned outright.


10.5Cows1.8.zip 59 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip and run the .exe and enjoy!


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This game is so strange yet so fun! It makes sense but also doesn't haha and that's what I like about it!:D There were a few problems with the cursor on the game (luckily didn't show on the recording), the jump didn't really work for me and the time trial didn't work. Other than that, It was so weird and fun to play!:D

Thanks for playing our game. Your video was really fun to watch! Sorry the jump didn't work....or the timed trial ><  hazards of making a game in 4 days. We'll update it when we can with the fixes. :)